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Dean Stone

Photography / Videography



I'm a Husband, Father, and 38+ year professional video engineer, & broadcast studio designer.


My first camera was a 1983 Nikon FM (Fully Manual) 35mm SLR film camera. Because my major in college was broadcasting, a required course for that major was Photography 101.  I got bitten by the “Photo Bug” and it’s been luv ever since.


2008 I had a stroke that disabled my right hand side.  Therefore, I shoot left handed.

Too bad there are no cameras on the market that are made for lefties, but I’ve learned to adapt.


In 2013 I switched camera brands from Nikon to Canon, and bought a 5D Mk III.  The main reason for my “switch” is because I was doing more and more videos.

Secret ambition: Produce a movie (short).
Motto: Never stop learning, laughing, and adapting, and never give up.
Loves: Cameras, Guitars, and Life


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